Peter Moore Issues Video And Letter To Fans Upon Him Leaving Games Industry

Peter Moore has left Electronic Arts and the game industry last week in order to join Liverpool FC as CEO. Throughout his career, the former Reebok exec put his hands on Dreamcast for SEGA of America and Xbox 360 for Microsoft, and spent several years in EA Sports. Lately, he was responsible for esports efforts by the makers of FIFA and Madden, among the others.

Peter Moore

"I am crystal clear in understanding that I was merely the front man for your brilliant achievements, the 'suit' that sometimes did goofy, cheesy stunts and speeches to draw attention to your phenomenally creative talent,"

He explained in a letter to say goodbye to the industry and fans.

“If a game disappoints, provide constructive feedback, not the vitriol that is unfortunately so prevalent nowadays." ..."I shall miss everything about this industry each day, henceforth."

You can check the video below to have a further idea of his achievements in his video games career.

Good luck for your efforts at Liverpool FC, Peter! (but come on Chelsea, of course).

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