Detached VR space exploration game officially releasing on May 18

Detached a space exploration VR game by Anshar Studio will be leaving Early access and officially releasing on May 18, 2017. Along with these, the developer has also released a new teaser trailer added at the end of this news. The game was available for the month of August last year under Early Access, which has given enough time for players to have a look at the gameplay and maintained a mostly positive feedback from users.

Detached VR Space Game

Detached will be still accessible via Early Access for $19.99 through Steam. If you had not heard much about this you can refer the core features below. Detached takes you on an interstellar journey where your skill to survive is everything. With survival, you will also have to take smart decisions in the deep space.

Core Features:

  • Go Hardcore – Experience the 360-degree freedom of movement, rotation, and acceleration in a sandbox environment built for VR headsets.
  • It’s Getting So Atmospheric – Discover the wide blue yonder inspired by the sublimity of Gravity with an accompanying fully orchestrated score composed by Mikolaj Stroinski (The Witcher 3, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter).
  • Blast, Splinter, and Charge – Employ Shield, Boost and EMP Rockets skills in both single-player and multiplayer modes. Hit targets with lock-on missiles built into your suit. Master weapon cool down times before your opponent gets the upper hand. Gain temporary immunity with the shield skill. Exploit boosting tunnels to gain a speed advantage.
  • Astronautic Drills – Get to grips with your spacesuit’s controls in a zero-G environment through a dynamic tutorial before venturing into outer space. FPS-style steering will introduce newbies and those sensitive to VR playing to the hardcore VR experience.
  • Blink and You’ll Miss It – Challenge a friend to Detached’s nail-biting PvP mode and then spend time getting acquainted with the infinite universe in single-player mode.

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