Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition 13 Times Bigger Than PS3/360, It's The January Build

New Minecraft: Nintendo Switch information have been revealed. The game will come to the new Nintendo platform on May 11, so it's about time for us to learn more technical and specific details about the latest version of the Mojang sandbox. Interestingly, it's well beyond the technical limitations people had to face on PS3, PS Vita, Xbox 360 and Wii U.

Minecraft - Nintendo Switch Version Bigger Than PS3

In fact, the world's size for those version is just 864x864, while the Switch version will go for 3072x3072, around 13 times bigger. It'll be smaller than PS4 and Xbox One versions, but at least the Nintendo console will manage to have the same 60fps frame rate -- it's sub 30fps on Vita, which remains the sole other handheld release (mobile aside).

On top of that, the game will allow you to import the worlds you created on Wii U during the last few years. Unfortunately, this feature won't be available upon day one, as it'll take more time for the developer to produce it. The version we'll get once the title releases in May will be the January build, and will shortly afterwards be on par with the others now shipped, hopefully.

Source: Neogaf

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