Yoko Taro Thinks A Nier Remake Is Possible, Under Certain Conditions

Square Enix, Platinum Games and Yoko Taro always give the idea they weren't anticipating such success for Nier Automata, which has instead managed to ship 1 million units since launch because of its nice cast of characters, intriguing lore and fun gameplay mechanics. This is why players asked for additional content, and they're also asking for an original Nier remake for PS4.

Nier Remake

While they're offering DLC on May 2 in Japan, with more side quests/boss battles and costumes, for what matters the remake it's still up in the air. Yoko Taro said couple times they'd be considering the opportunity of a remake in case Automata turned successful enough, which happened, so he was recently asked again about that.

His answer was still vague. "I would do anything if I get the money for it." It doesn't mean much more than what we already knew, and the mood of the phrase and context (the one million units shipped celebration livestream) was rather jovial, so you shouldn't take that expression very, very seriously.

Anyway, Platinum Games and Square Enix execs also participating into the livestream were pretty positive about the fact that the remake should be done sooner or later. So this is ultimately a possibility...


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