Xtralife Leaks Project Scorpio Price - 400 Euros Only

Xtralife, one of the popular retailer in Spain, has updated their website (online store) with a Project Scorpio listing. The interesting part of the listing was that the price tag of Project Scorpio was mention as 399.99 Euros (which comes with US$430). The listing is no longer available, but Twitter user DesiXBL managed to take the screenshot which you guys can check it out below.

Project Scorpio Price Leaked

There is no way to tell whether this listing from Xtralife carried the legit price tag for Project Scorpio. It is a customary for retailers to put up a listing/product page for upcoming consoles before their release, and most of the time these listing carries a placeholder price tag such as $999 and so on (on the higher side most of the time).

We have heard many times from Xbox Division Boss Phil Spencer that Project Scorpio is a premium device that targets requirements of high-end cosumers, (a direct hint that the console will carry a higher price). What could be the price tag Project Scorpio will carry? Share your guess with us in the comment section below.

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