Project Scorpio Customization Affects The Way CPU And GPU Work More Efficiently

Microsoft's Nick Baker has offered Eurogamer some interesting details about what's going on with Project Scorpio's GPU and CPU. First and foremost, some important changes have been made to the way the CPU works, which means not only there's more power to the lot, but also a better way to make it work, more efficiently after all.

Project Scorpio GPU and CPU Customization

"Specifically, within the core, because we're running a virtualised OS environment, we wanted to optimise how memory translation operations happen so there are some key changes inside the core to speed those things up. The end result is that not only does the CPU run faster, it also runs more efficiently meaning more power for you at the end," Baker said.

Talking about GPU, "according to Goossen, some performance optimizations from the upcoming AMD Vega architecture factor into the Scorpio Engine's design, but other features that made it into PS4 Pro - for example, double-rate FP16 processing - do not. However, customization was extensive elsewhere."

"We did multiple PIX captures from every single game and ran them on the emulator," Andrew Goossen, Technical Fellow, Graphics, explains. "We did over 30,000 emulator runs, which is a big contributor to Nick's total cycle count because we had to make sure that we were going to land with that 100 per cent compatibility [with Xbox One]. (...)  I will point out that Scorpio has significant performance benefits relative to PC."

So, interestingly, there's a lot of customization going on when it comes to Project Scorpio. Raw numbers don't really give the idea of how much work and effort has been put into this console, and hopefully we'll see this stuff coming into games to offer high end graphics on consoles as we've never done before. Hopefully.


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