Cliff Bleszinski: Bulletstorm: Epic Edition is GAME exclusive

If you are among one of those who reside in United Kingdom and want to buy Bulletstorm Epic Edition then you need to rush to nearest GAME store, as this special edition is GAME exclusive.

Cliff Bleszinski tweeted the development “FYI UK guys – GAME is the only spot for y’all to pre-order Bulletstorm Epic Edition.”


Here is what Bulletstorm Epic Edition will feature:

  • 25,000 in-game XP points
  • Peace Maker carbine weapon and visual upgrades to Grayson’s main whip weapon
  • Invitation to the multiplayer beta of Gears of War 3.

You can check out the boxart for Bulletstorm Epic Edition here. Bulletstorm launches in UK on February 18 and on February 15 in United States.

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