GTA V: Discounts, Increased Payout And Double RP/GTA $ This Week On GTA Online

GTA V: More Discount And Double $GTA

Now through May 15, Motorcycle Clubs will earn a GTA$ & RP boost while running Biker Contract Missions in GTA Online. Also included a 25% discount on offer for Biker Clubhouses, Biker Clubhouse Customizations, and Biker Business Properties. There's a new round of discounts on vehicles as well, as you can see below:

GTA V: More Discount And Double $GTA

Nagasaki Shotaro, Progen T20, Western Company Annihilator, Nagasaki Buzzard, Karin Technical (both prices), Vapid Desert Raid, and Vapid Trophy Truck. Furthermore, Ammo, weapons, and accessories also get a 25% discount:

Vehicle Armor, Bullet Proof Tires, Body Armor, Explosive Ammo (including throwables), Rocket Launchers, and Grenade Launchers.

The payout is increased by 25% on Special Cargo Deliveries through May 15th. You can check Rockstar's official website for all the updates on the activities and discounts coming during the next days and weeks. The developer said on their official website (link provided below):

Starting today, it's ride or die for the MCs of Los Santos with money-making opportunities and discounts to help you get a leg up over your rivals. We're also keeping the points based racing competition sharp with extended bonuses on Tiny Racers & more.

GTA V: More Discount And Double $GTA Starting May First Week

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