This Microsoft Affiliated Dev Is 99% Sure That Bloodborne II Reveal Is Incoming At E3 2017

Bloodborne II - Reveal Incoming At E3 2017

I don't know how seriously PlayStation fans should take this but according to a developer from the Ori and the Blind Forest, the Bloodborne sequel (Bloodborne 2) is going to be revealed at E3 2017, and he is giving a 99% guarantee for it. Replying to a thread called "Do you think we'll see Bloodborne 2 at E3?" ThomasMahler said: "I'm 99% certain we'll see it"

Bloodborne II - Reveal Incoming At E3 2017

So of you may argue that how a small Austrian Indie Developer affiliated with Microsoft knows about a game from a From Software (based in Japan) for PlayStation platform. The thing here is that this is just a simple predictions of ThomasMahler, he is not sharing any inside information, merely making a prediction based on what he has seen in the past (possible from this post of Shuhei Yoshida on Twitter, February 2017 post).

Yoshida Meeting From Software Boss - On Bloodborne II?

We are no one to tell you how impressive Bloodborne was, the received critical acclaim upon release. It holds an aggregated score of 92/100 on Metacritic based on 100 reviews.

Bloodborne II

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