Killzone 3 multiplayer demo will be available tomorrow at 11AM in United Kingdom

The much awaited multiplayer demo of Killzone 3 will release in United Kingdom tomorrow morning at 11am sharp. The demo will be available to all the Playstation 3 gamers and run till February 15.

The demo will feature three online mode (Guerrilla Warfare, Warzone and Operations) as well as one offline mode (Botzone).

Killzone 3

Details of each mode is listed below you can check them out below:

Guerrilla Warfare: Supports 16 players, is a classic Team Deathmatch mode in which you and your teammates must try to kill as many of the opposing team as you can against the clock.

Supports 24 players, returns from Killzone 2 offering a round-based multiplayer campaign consisting of five randomly ordered mini-missions.

Operations: Supports 16 players, is a new mode which aims to deliver a more story-based gameplay experience, consisting of a sequence of linear mini-missions.

Botzone: An offline mode ideal for those looking to get to grips with the controls, the weapons or the map layout before going up against live players.

UPDATE: Killzone 3 multiplayer beta has gone live in Europe.

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