Prey 2 Sequel to Prey 2006 Is Cancelled, But Owns An Amazing Plot

 Prey 2 Screenshot

Prey 2017 was released recently that took to Talos Space Station where an experiment on new alien species is conducted for goodwill of human survival. Things went wrong and the ending relies on obvious choices of gamer. The sequel was already planned but later got cancelled.

 Prey 2 Screenshot

Prey 2 was designed to be entirely different compared to its predecessor in terms of its in-game mechanics and the game settings. In first part the protagonist was a scientist and while in the second one the central character is a bounty hunter. The gameplay is based on missions on the basis of bounty hunting.

So this was entirely something new for players. The game also has a new game+. As the same is cancelled its plot has some interesting story to play. There is no further news whether in future Human Head Studios might be reworking on the title.

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