Anthem: A brand new IP by EA and BioWare announced at E3 2017

Anthem: A brand new IP by EA and BioWare

Finally we get something new and exciting announcement teased from EA at E3, the Anthem is a brand new IP by BioWare announced at E3 2017. A small teaser takes us to the new world where survival seems everything.

Anthem: A brand new IP by EA and BioWare

Judging by the teaser, you will be dealing with deadly creatures beyond the wall, there is an armor showcased in the teaser that looks the front line defense against the monsters. There will be more info coming up on Anthem tomorrow at Xbox E3 Press Conference.

At the end of teaser shown below, you can see the line saying tha it's a pre-alpha footage and 4K resolution won't be available for all platforms, which kind of says it's a 4K confirmed for Xbox Scorpio and possibly for PS4 Pro as well. As more details are reserved for Xbox E3 conference, it's safe to say that Anthem will get special treatment on Xbox Scorpio (4K 60FPS !!! ?? ), a clear indication that there is a marketing deal between Xbox, EA and Bioware for ANTHEM.

Stay tune for more updates on Anthem at Xbox E3 conference tomorrow.

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