BioWare: Anthem Is Not Project Scorpio/Xbox One Exclusive, Will Also Release On PS4 and PC

Bioware New IP - Anthem

Electronic Arts finally revealed the new IP that BioWare has been working on for a 5 long years, ANTHEM (it was codenamed, Project Dylan). Electronic Arts just showcased a teaser trailer for Anthem and promised to reveal much more details about the game at Xbox E3 2017 press conference tomorrow. This lead many Xbox fans to believe that Anthem is going to release exclusively for Project Scorpio, Xbox One, and PC.

Bioware New IP - Anthem

The argument that has been put forward to support the claim that BioWare's Anthem is a Project Scorpio and Xbox One exclusive game: original Mass Effect game from BioWare was a Xbox exclusive game. If you are among one of these few Xbox fans who thinks this way then read the clarification we have posted below.

At the time of Mass Effect 1, Bioware was an independent studio, it was not owned by Electronic Arts back then. They worked with Microsoft directly on the first Mass Effect game. In the case of Anthem, an employee from Bioware has confirmed that the game is not a Xbox exclusive. Neogaf user "orangecoke" - BioWare Director of Marketing said: "Plus I, a person who works at BioWare, am literally telling you guys it is NOT exclusive"

It will not be a good move from Electronic Arts to go full time exclusive with Microsoft for Bioware's Anthem because they will be alienating 60 Million Plus PlayStation 4 user base (a massive figure that a third party publisher like Electronic Arts can't ignore). The deal between Microsoft and Electronic Arts for Anthem looks similar to the one Sony has with Activision for Destiny franchise. Also, there is a possibility that Microsoft could have a One-Year timed exclusive release deal with Electronic Arts for Anthem similar to the one that they had with Square Enix for Rise of the Tomb Raider.

We will surely going to find out everything on this tomorrow at Microsoft's Xbox Press Conference. Stay tuned. Hope this clears all your doubt. Anthem is scheduled to launch during fiscal year 2019 i.e. between April 1st, 2018, and March 31st, 2019.

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