Assassin's Creed Origins 4K Screenshots and Concept Art Leaked

Assassin's Creed Origins 4K Screenshots

The new Assassins Creed Origins is set up in Egypt and we bring you fresh 4K images of this upcoming game. The images are simply amazing revealing the game conceptual arts, gameplay mechanics, and the wonderful Egyptian scenery.

Assassin's Creed Origins 4K Screenshots

Assassins Creed Origins takes you to a new diverse ecosystem and exotic places where you will be playing as Baek, an Assassin on a Mission. Preview footage at E3 2017 was pretty amazing, the game looks great from 4K angle. You will see the new combat system used in the game with improved AI. The game this time offers an RPG mechanism that seems evolved with time.

Below are the 4K images of Origins with some details on the game different editions. The game comes in Deluxe and Gold Editions according to the images. The Gold Edition has Season Pass that will give you access to all major expansions and equipment sets.

aco-4k-art-screenshot-01 aco-4k-art-screenshot-02 aco-4k-art-screenshot-03 aco-4k-art-screenshot-04 aco-4k-art-screenshot-05 aco-4k-art-screenshot-06 aco-4k-art-screenshot-07 aco-4k-art-screenshot-08 aco-4k-art-screenshot-09 aco-4k-art-screenshot-10 aco-4k-art-screenshot-11 aco-4k-art-screenshot-12 aco-4k-art-screenshot-13 aco-4k-art-screenshot-14 aco-4k-art-screenshot-15 aco-4k-art-screenshot-16 aco-4k-art-screenshot-17 aco-4k-art-screenshot-18 aco-4k-art-screenshot-19

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