Uncharted: The Lost Legacy: E3 2017 Video Take Us To The Gorgeous Ruins of India

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy: E3 2017 Video

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy was announced long back and now at E3 2017 we got a fresh Story Trailer that takes us to the gorgeous ruins of India.  This story trailer shows Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross struggle and adventure to find Indian Artefact and in this interesting journey how they tackle with Asav, a ruthless warmonger.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy: E3 2017 Video

Speaking of Asav, a few days back we got chance to Interview Usman Ally, an actor who voices the main villain 'Asav' of The Lost Legacy, you can read the full interview here: Usman Ally The Voice of Asav.

You can have a look at the video below, well it is not exactly a gameplay demo, but more like a story trailer with lots of scene of this new Uncharted Universe. Chloe Frazer is trying to locate an ancient relic, the broke tusk of Ganesha. This is where the journey begins. Yet we are unaware this item is the only treasure or if there are more to collect.

Uncharted The Lost Legacy brings puzzle and action together. The game is available for pre-order, the official release date is August 22nd.

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