Spider-Man: Insomniac Talks on Story, Characters, And World Of Peter Parker

Spider-Man PS4

The new Spider-Man is announced at E3 2017, along with a trailer and a gameplay video that tells a lot about this upcoming open world action-adventure game. We found a bit more information on the game through Spider-Man E3 Coliseum Panel Live stream. The game will be exclusively for PS4, and not for Xbox One or PC

Spider-Man PS4

Bryan Initha Creative Director for the game talks about the new characters with a mix of old one. There will be a popular character as well new ones that will be introduced freshly in this game. The story of the game will collide with Peter Parker worlds, that means there will be some part played by him.

As per the development, this game has the best story where you will be playing between two versions, one super-hero and second a common person. We will update more about the game soon.

Source: E3 Coliseum: Day One: Tuesday, June 13

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