Spider-Man PS4 Info - Singleplayer Only, Miles Morales Role Bigger Than A Cameo, You Can't Kill Anyone

 Spiderman PS4 Information From E3 2017

Upcoming Spider-Man will be a PS4 Exclusive Title, and we bring you some really amazing information on this game. The game was introduced at E3 2017 along with a Gameplay Video that has a demo of Spider-Man chasing and stopping men in demon mask.

 Spiderman PS4

Spider-Man will be feature a single player mode, it is a open world game with a large city. You are not allowed to kill anyone, there will be a lot of gameplay with stories backed by cinematic and some chapter focus on young 23 old Peter Parker. The mission showed in the Demo Video would change when the final version came out. A few sources also reveal that the guy at the end of trailer was Miles Morales who will be having a bigger part in the game story.

Marvel is going to develop less well known character in the game, and there will be villain beyond Mr. Negative and Kingpin. There will be lot of combat options, Insomniac also assures the white Spider-Man symbol has some purpose that is explained in the game. Finally the web swimming in the game will not be QTE based. The game will initially appear in 2018.

Source: NeoGaf Forums

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