Konami confirmed PES 2011 3D as 3DS launch title, also revealed bulk of new details

Konami just a while ago confirmed that Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 in 3D will be avaialble as a 3DS launch title. It will release on March 25 in Europe.

As per the details revealed PES 2011 3D will feature a unique kind of camera system for monitoring each and every moments of gamers, that too right in the middle of the unfolding match for enables them to make runs in the channels and moving into space.

PES 2011

In PES 2011, players get to select a team, from a pool of 60 national side and 170 club sides. There will be both Champions League and Master League. The game will make use of 3DS’s Street Pass system, which will sense when another Master League team is in the vicinity, and will compare the strength of each side, their respective strategies and stats. It will also have support for wireless play of two players.

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