Rocket League Will Perform At 4K 60FPS on Xbox One X

Xbox One X is scheduled to launch in the month of November at a cost of $499. Rocket League which was first announced for Nintendo Switch at E3 2017 is already a part of Xbox One Enhanced titles, where it will be taking the benefit of One X high power hardware for offering a seamless 4K resolution gameplay.

 Rocket League Xbox One X

On Nintendo Switch Rocket League works at 720p at 60fps and it will cost $20. Now according to an interview published on GameSpot, Jeremy Dunham of Psyonix confirmed that the game will be running at 4K Resolution @ 60fps on Xbox One X. He confirmed that the game will offer 4K and HDR resolution.

Another big thing is the cross-play support. The makers of Rocket League are trying to get maximum support for all platforms where Sony is avoiding the same on security grounds. The game is already compatible with various other platforms like PC, Switch and Xbox.

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