Alien Egg Supply Run In GTA Online - What You Need To Trigger It And Solve Mount Chiliad Mystery

Alien Egg Supply Run - What You Need To Trigger It

A user on Reddit managed to gather the information to Trigger Alien Egg Supply Run (famously known as Mount Chiliad Mystery) in GTA Online. The interesting part of it is that this mission is a one-time thing i.e once triggered it won't happen again. Read all the details you need to know on Alien Egg Supply Run - How To Trigger It.

Alien Egg Supply Run - What You Need To Trigger It

GTA Online recent update from Rockstar Games added the Mount Chiliad Mystery. Modders with the name "Gurus" managed to uncover the Mount Chiliad Mystery via modding to trigger a mission that results in the appearance of the crashed Alien UFO in GTA V universe.

Gurus today started a new thread on Reddit with a title - Alien Egg Supply Run - Requirements To Trigger i.e. providing all the details to GTA V players on how to trigger this certain mission without modding i.e. "no shortcuts, no cheating, legit way, to get this new mission to spawn correctly."

Alien Egg Supply Run - What You Need To Trigger It

It appears that (brace yourself) the player must have:
601 completed gunrunning sales (the check is for 600 but 601 to be safe lol)
And then start a supply run between:
21:00hrs and 23:00hrs

Gurus added: "Yep, it really is that simple. But considering the amount of time it takes to do 600 sales means that this isn't an easy thing to achieve. (We're trying lol).

As mentioned above this mission is ONE TIME only and not an easy thing to achieve, Gurus has posted a video for those who want to save their time.

Source: Reddit

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