Sony to take action against anyone who posts the PS3 hack

Steps like this was expected from Sony, they are going out to sue each and eveyone who distribute PS3 hack. First on their radar is George Hotz, who was first one to published and shared the PS3 root code with the world. They want him to surrender all his hardware as well as software components to them by this Thursday. However Hotz lawyer is working very hard on this to make sure this doesn't happens.

Sony catching Hackers

Sony is asking for many crazy things in the pre-trail discovery process, you can check below what their demands are:

  • Wants Google to share IP addresses of those users who viewed or even commented on Jailbreak video that featured on YouTube.
  • Wants Twitter to give up all the details about users that tweeted about the hack way back in December.

So its sort of red alert for all the hackers who fights with Sony (Enough is enough!). What do you guys think about this?

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