Jumping Is Really Odd And Hard In Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, Here's Why [Explanation]

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Jump Controversy

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is a remastered version of all three Crash games for PS4 by Vicarious Visions. It brings all Crash titles in a single pack with major changes. One among them is the way how Crash jumps and lands on a platform (in Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy). There is quite a debate on that, and many players had reported that they easily slipped off from edges and die, causing a life in each attempt. Here we are able to track the cause behind it. Why Crash or Coco just slips of from edges even if you had done a perfect jump? Is this a bug in the game or the developer’s had tried making it more challenging by applying this technique.

Crash Bandicoot Nsane Jump

Previously Crash jumps were tailored on the basis of each title released. It kept on getting improved with the final series Warped. Later Vicarious Visions compiled all of them into one single pack and released it on PS4 with 4K support. The developer’s  had modified Crash’s jump mechanics that is creating a bit of issue for players. Two reddit users Radhew and TastyCarcass had tried to explain the same in a simpler way.

The first one has tried to explain the exact changes in Jump cycle in previous editions and in this new PS4 remastered version. He mentioned in one of the game level, Crash easily slide’s off from the landing platform. Below is the extract from the post, you can read the full explanation on source link below.

“Crash 1 had a floaty, symmetric jump arc. Crash 2 decided to redesign this to a heavier jump with a much quicker fall, coincidentally making the jumps in the game slightly more horizontal-focused. Crash 3's jumping ended up striking a balance between Crash 1's practicality and Crash 2's weight.”

“The biggest and most notorious example of this comes from the infamous "High Road" level. In this level, the player is expected to use the small bellies of turtles to clear insane gaps. Emphasis on small. Hitting the turtle without sliding off is very difficult, so the player will be naturally inclined to position themselves on the turtle before making the jump. This simple line of logic is exactly what gets the player killed.”

The second user tries to highlight the exact cause which based speculated game engine. The collision box for their feet is in pill shape instead of square, this cause the character to slip off easily from the edges. A video below by TastyCarcass shows the issue of sliding down if Crash lands near to the edges of a platform.

Backed by gamers comment below in the YouTube, the issue seems to be clear. The change in jump mechanism has cost lives to players and it has also made few levels really tough to finish. So if you are on a narrow platform it is necessary to simply ensure that you land more in the middle instead of extreme edges. It is for sure you will fall down and die. The game gets tougher if there are round platforms instead of square.

Do share your views what do you think about this? Are you facing issues in game levels due to such jump style?

Source: Radhew and TastyCarcass

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