Mafia 3 New DLC Sign Of The Times Will Take You On A Cult Investigation

Lincoln Clay is going to set back action, this time it is more than revenge. This new upcoming DLC “Sign Of The Times” will put you back in the shoes of Clay where you will be fighting and taking down a cult in the city. This is the third DLC for the game, coming on July 25. Recently the official YouTube channel had shared an inside look of DLC, that gives us a glimpse of a dark world of kidnapping, cult rituals and many new faces.

Mafia 3 DLC

Lincoln Clay looks less is action but more into investigation seems the crux of this upcoming new content.  He is on a mission to find the truth behind activities of a estrange group The Ensanglante. People who are part of this cult follow various rituals that also include human sacrifices. You can view that clearly in the video below, with a bit of magic.

Back into New Bordeaux, there is some refreshing content coming up for the players after the last two DLC’s adding a twist with the cult based storyline. The exact locations where Lincoln starts his journey is a destroyed bar, where he before betrayed by the Don Sal Marcano. Anna is one among leading a character from the DLC whom Clay will help in escaping the cult’s clutch.

Along with weapons, Clay will be using different tools like camera, backlights, etc. to hunt for clues in the area and locate the motives behind the cult intentions. So it looks pretty amazing and interesting story line this time filled with action and some spying. Let’s see how well this DLC can entertain players. 

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