Destiny 2 Could Hit 3 Million Sales In First 3 Months: Forecast Analysis

Destiny 2 Sales Forecast

Bungie is all set to release the sequel to its multiplayer first-person shooter game this year on 6th September. The previous series was a hit crossing a millions of copies within months after release. And it looks the next edition Destiny 2 is already predicted to be a massive hit. According to a marketing research company SuperData, the game is capable of enough to break all previous records. As per the report by the company the game can possibly reach between 4 to 5 million within the first three months after launch. PC turns out to be the largest base for the game compared to consoles.

Destiny 2 Sales Forecast

The forecasting analysis was done on the basis of various parameters that include lot considerations about the franchise history, genre, and sales from the previous title, monthly active users, etc. It seems the prediction do has a concrete base that can turn into reality for Bungie. Major sales will be coming from the PC platform, approx 60% as per the predicted report that will contribute to the success of Destiny 2. Consoles are behind with a tiny margin.

Yet the figures added by the forecaster will not remain same all the time, the data figures can change that could shift the sales target higher or lower depending on the applied parameters. As far as the prediction is the concern, the currently released content of Destiny 2 like the beta is creating enough curiosity among the players, the story line and newly released video content has already gathered massive attention. A fresh look of games players can enough through the Beta that was expected in August. An early access is scheduled for those who had pre-ordered will be live from July 18 to July 20 for PS4, later between July 19 to July 20 for Xbox One and finally, July 21 to July 23 is the time for Open Beta for all consoles. July 23rd is also the end date of beta access.

The forecasting analysis already hinted the game success before its launch, what do you think?

Source:     SuperDataResearch

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