Rare Pokemon Tapu Koko Appears For Free On Pokemon Sun And Moon

Rare shiny Tapu Koko Pokemon is now available for players in Pokemon Sun And Moon via internet. This is the new Nintendo’s giveaway for the players. Players who are located in US, Europe and Australia can simply have this new variant of pokemon. Tapu Koko is an Electric/Fairy Pokemon with Electric Surge that fills the field around the Pokemon feet with electricity. It can also learn a new move called Nature’s madness that can slam into opponent and eats its HP by 50%. Other moves of this Pokemon are discharge, agility and electro ball.

Tapu koko Pokemon

Tapu Koko is a Level 60 Pokemon, it also comes with an electric seed that boost the defense in the battle. To get Tapu Koko you will need to first check the Mystery Gift option from the game menu. Once you have a gift in that you can simply pickup the pokemon. So you can just add the rare pokemon in your list and use it in the battle with some electrical power.

Also recently Nintendo has announced special edition of its forthcoming game  Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. This game will feature some extra in-game options. Buyers will get a hard copy of both titles in a special Steelbook case, along with download codes for 50 options in every game. These potions can used by players to heal the Pokemon during the battle time. There will be a fan edition also for every game which will feature its own Steelbook, but without free option DLC. The game is set to arrive on 17th November this year.

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