Blizzard To Bring A New Punishment System For Overwatch

Jeff Kalpan Game Director replied to post on forums and hinted about a new punishment system coming soon for Overwatch. The post does not explain much just a small pinch of hint on a new system the developers are working on that will be surely harsher on the problem creators. This is ideal to block those players who are trying to create a hard time for other players. The issue is not a new, from years players have discussed on various platforms no dealing with leavers, and now it seems the makers are pretty serious about taking action.

Overwatch Punishment

There is already XP penalties and matchmaking timeouts for offenders, but having a new punishment system soon will offer serious players an edge over the leavers. Overwatch features many team games where it is annoying for many when offenders are harassing or quitting the game in between, having this in massive numbers leads to a bigger problem for serious gamers.  Pushing this new punishment system will add a fair gameplay for many Overwatch players.

Year ago Blizzard came out with the 75% XP penalty system for any player who will repeatedly leave the game in the game’s competitive mode. There also a 3 month banned on the player if the behavior remains. This warning sign appears on the screen of player and he/she can choose to accept it or not. It looks previously applied punishment seems less enough to completely block the leavers on hampering gameplay. Now it is on the new punishment system as reported, what do you think? Does the upcoming system is capable enough to stop such players? Do share your views in comments below.

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