Ubisoft - We Have A Lot Of Players In For Honor, Low Playerbase Report Is Fake News

A Ubisoft representative finally commented on the For Honor Low Player Count report. In June 2016, Githpy reported that For Honor has lost 95 percent of its player base. The figure sounds massive, but what you guys need to know is that this figure does not take in to account the player base of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version, and also does not include the player base of not-steam PC versions i.e. Uplay.

For Honor Playerbase

But the report from Githpy did a lot of damage to the For Honor brand, and you can easily make that out from the comment, it was posted by our reader ProAssassin84:

"When are developers going to get the hint? It's 2017. You give us an Overhyped Triple AAA game without dedicated servers you're going to Fail. Peer to Peer, player hosted and not to mention all the NAT issues that plague those connections needs to die.

What's sad is these developers Brag about selling Millions of copies but too cheap to provide Dedicated servers for their games. F*** any game or developer not willing to offer the best way to play online. Back to Battlefield 1 for my online."

A Ubisoft representative in a recent Twitch Stream termed For Honor Low Player Count report as FAKE NEWS and added that there are a lot of players in For Honor.

"[The patch] is rolling out now, over the course of the day – it takes a few hours to get to everybody. We have a lot of players in For Honor – believe it or not, fake news people, we have a lot of players in For Honor – to roll it out to."

For Honor was not a perfect game, and you all will agree with me on this, and there was a decline in the player base. Coming out in open and calling it a "FAKE NEWS", I think the Ubisoft representative used the wrong word. What do you guys think? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.

Source: Twitch

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