Xbox One X Biggest Issue - Consoles Don't Sell Because Of Tech Specs, It Sell Because Of The Games

A lot was expected from Team Xbox and Phil Spencer at E3 2017 but they failed to live up to the hype and expectations. Xbox One X was the star of the show but lack of big AAA exclusive game (both from third and first-party) spoiled the party, and after the show Phil Spencer and Team Xbox were seeing explaining to fans and media outlets that for this year's conference they wanted to concentrate in the diversity of game types, different types of games for different types of gamers.

Xbox One X - Can It Sell Based On Powerful Specs?

The scenario is pretty simple, Xbox One X lacks big high-profile AAA exclusive games for the all important Holiday 2017, will it be able to make its mark in the market based only on the SPECS (in terms of Specs, Xbox One X is powerful as compared to all other consoles available in the market today)? According to MIDiA Research Analyst, Karol Severin, it (lack of high-profile exclusive AAA games) could turn out to be the biggest issue for Xbox One X as "Consoles don't sell themselves because of tech specs".

Speaking to our friend at WCCTECH, Karol said: "I agree that this could be an issue. Much like with VR, content is King. Consoles don't sell themselves because of tech specs – consoles sell because of the games catalogues they enable consumers to enjoy. If that doesn't match consumer expectations, the product won't be successful."

We can't exactly figure out what is going in the mind of Phil Spencer, the man who is leading the Xbox Division of Microsoft. After E3 2017, Spencer admitted to have Signed Big Exclusives For Xbox One X, but they are still in development and needs at least 3 years time for completion. He further added that it would have been easy for him to get the trailer of these projects at E3 2017 and score some PR point for Xbox One X, but he didn't want to do that.

In my opinion, these unannounced Big Exclusives games for Xbox One X that Spencer talked about after E3 2017 was needed badly because REASON 1 - PR standpoint for Xbox One X, REASON 2: Xbox One X is coming after a disaster reveal of Xbox One, confidence in Xbox brand needed to get a big push and it could have been possible with these announcements only, and REASON 3: It could have given consumers (especially Xbox fans who shifted to PlayStation brand) confidence in the future of Xbox.

What do you guys think? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below. Is it possible for Xbox One X to make its mark in the market purely based on SPECS? or you agree with Karol Severin?

Source: WCCFTech

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