PUBG Beats GTA 5 In Most Current Players List On Steam

PUBG recent tweeted stats on Twitter showing up the game is surpassed GTA V and achieved the 4th position on highest peak players count on Steam. Dota 2 is on the top of the list followed by CS:GO, then Fallout 4 and PUBG. GTA 5, Payday 2, No Man’s Sky, etc are shifted below. PUGB gathered 382,561 players above GTA 5’s 360,761. There is a pretty huge gap among the players between both the games, approx 21,800 players are more active on Playerunknown's Battlegrounds.

 Pubg Concurrent List

Talking about the total sales figure on Steam of both the game, GTA 5 is higher compared to PUBG. There are around 7.5Million steam users who own  GTA 5 and 4.8 million has the PUBG. The game instantly reached 4 million units in the first three month of its lunch. So it looks PUBG is steadily gathering a lot of traction from the players. Below you can see the tweet and figure shared by through the official account.

What more to see is how PUBG can stay on the top list in coming months, the developer seesm to be prepared for the same as they has announced to release some set of new features and maps for the game. one among is the FOV slider that will allow players to have a much clearer view in the battle and second two new maps which are under development. Recently the developer has shared the first images of the Dessert Map and more is yet to come.

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds came out for PC in early access in March, the developer had planned to release it Xbox One at the end of 2017 and PS4 later. The game is yet pending to come on PC as a full release and it had already reached a decent popularity among the gamers. These figures are probably going to bump higher if the console joined in early. What do you think will PUGB is capable enough to reach on the top of highest concurrent steam players list, or GTA 5 will regain its position back?

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