2K Games announced The Darkness II for Fall 2011

If you ever thought that you won't see Jackie Estacado in action again, then thinK again. 2K Games just a while ago announced The Darkness II which will be develope by Toronto based developer Digital Extremes. It will launch this Fall on Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

The game will put players in the role of Jackie Estacado. It will also feature Quad-Wielding gameplay which enable gamers to make use of their demon arms to slash, grab, and throw objects and enemies.

The Darkness 2

Christoph Hartmann, 2K head honce said, "The Darkness II is a well of dark and imaginative violence, and it’s a stylized and beautiful nightmare,”

The Darkness II continues the 2K Games tradition of delivering quality, innovative games that are filled to the brim with atmosphere and deep storytelling.

The game takes a unique stance on fighting in the dark versus light. Combined with the arsenal of weapons at Jackie’s disposal and the gruesome attacks of the supernatural Demon Arms and Darkness powers, we’re proud to announce another title that delivers on our core values of creating games for gamers.

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