Catch Legendary Pokemons at Pokemon Go Legendary Raid Event

Pokemon Go Legendary Raid trailer just popped out with a surprise for everyone. An entirely new event to be held after two days, that will give an exclusive chance to all Trainers to capture Legendary G2 and G1 Pokemon like Zapdos, Moltres, Ho-ho, Articuno, and Lugia. You can catch a short glimpse of these Pokemon in the brand new Trailer. There is no info about remaining ones. The raid battles will flash black and blue eggs with the time-based period, within that time you can catch the legendary ones with help of your friends and family. They are all high CP Pokemon and it would not be possible to fight alone. The time showed in the trailer is a 48 hours countdown that means there will be approximately 2 days the event will be live.

Pokemon Go Legendary

The Legendary Raids will take place on July 22 at Pokemon Go fest held in Chicago for the first time. Trainers from another region will also get the chance to participate in Tier 4 Legendary Raid battles after this, information on the same is yet to be announced. Trainers will require a special pass to participate in the Legendary Raid event, Niantic has not cleared in the video how Trainers can get that. It could be possible if you regularly participate in gym battles and another raid would make you the lucky one.

Pokemon's spawning at the Legendary Raid Events is very strong, it is best to team up before participating and getting a sure shot catch. Currently there a team 22 is allowed to play together, as per the Pokemon's CP and level it is recommended to be team up in minimum 20 people group for a successful catch. Be ready with all your gears and stuff, the battle period has the good amount of time, so you can coordinate with people through various social networking channels to participate.

On the mark of Pokemon Go’s first anniversary, Niantic is releases regular events in various places worldwide. Chicago fest is one among them, but the news about Legendary Pokemon Raids is surprising for all. So be prepared to catch your first Legendary Pokemon at the festival and do share your views which one is your favorite you want to catch.

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