ESPN Asks Pro Gamer to Change Skin Tight Revealing Outfit of SF5 Cammy

Street Fighter V Cammy ESPN Controversy

ESPN recently broadcasted EVO 2017's final Street Fighter V match, between Kazunoko and NuckleDu. Kazunoko chooses Cammy, and NuckleDu was playing as Guile. The game went live for few rounds, later Kanuzoko was told by an ESPN representative to change Cammy's outfit., who reached ESPN regarding the unexpected reason behind changing the custom of a character in a mid-game was related to "Broadcasting Standards".

Street Fighter V Cammy ESPN Controversy

Cammy's outfit is too revealing, a green skin-tight dress with no pants. This is the default look of the character from starts, later when Kazunoko was asked to modify the custom, he used the Pro Tour DLC dress. This was less revealing compared to the previous green skin-tight dress according to the published news. In the below video you can see the full broadcast. After 7.00, Kazunoko was asked to halt the match and modify the outfit. The confused gamer seems surprised with what's going on, later with an Ok gesture he continues to play.

A lot of characters in Street Fighter V have revealing outfits, like Chun-Li, R.Mika, Juri, etc. Talking about such live competition, where gamers are interfered to make certain changes depending on the “Broadcasting Standards” does not seems supportive, but it does impact an overall image of the broadcaster, who is streaming this worldwide, watched by viewers of all ages. Anyhow it is best if the broadcaster can setup things before the match, having such instant changes in between where in the first half a character like Cammy reveals her lot of area, and in the second half she is just covered up, looks divisive. What do you think, does this thing fits wrong anywhere for a game, or the broadcaster is right on its part? Do share your feedback in the comment section below.

Source: Compete.Kotaku.Com

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