Articuno, Moltres And Zapdos Raid Time Revealed: Pokemon Go

Legendary Pokemon Raid

Niantic recently announced Pokemon Go Legendary Raid Event with an interesting trailer that showcased G2/G1 Legendary Pokemon Zapdos, Moltres, Ho-ho, Articuno, and Lugia. The event started on July 22, any Legendary Pokemon spawning during the event time will remain to activate for at least 48 hours according to the time shown in the launch trailer. Now a new info coming up that shares the time when some of this Legendary Pokemon will remain available. If you are still trying to locate the exact time and date when they are going to spawn, keep reading below.

Legendary Pokemon Raid

Starting from Articuno, a GEN 1 Ice/Flying Pokemon will be available until the end of this month that is until 31st July (Monday). So you still have a lot of time to find one for your collection. Next is Moltres that will spawn after the period of Articuno, and will remain active until 7th August. So you get a full week to simply find this Flying/Fire Pokemon. Finally, after Moltres period is over you can last go for Zapdos that will remain available until 14th August. Niantic has kept a nice amount of space for each Pokemon so that Trainers can hunt them down with peace. Also, remember this is Legendary ones so it won’t be easy to catch, you will require a team for the same. It is recommended to have a group of 15-20 in order to take down on Legendary Pokemon.

Niantic has also recently reduced the base capture rate of this Legendary one’s so that trainers can easily capture them. It was reported that the base capture rate is modified 50% to let trainers enjoy the event. In the launch trailer, Lugia has also made a short appearance which was believed to be part of this Legendary Raid Event, is missing. Niantic has not yet updated anything on the same.  So keep hunting and do an update which one you are able to catch in the comments section below.

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