inFamous 2 Hero Edition leaked by Amazon?

Online retail gaint Amazon has leaked InFamous 2: Hero Edition, it has been pulled out now as the word spread across regarding this. According the to listing this special edition of inFamous 2 will launch on May 24 and cost fans $99.99.

infamous 2

Here is what the original listing on Amazon reads:

inFAMOUS 2 is the second chapter in the best selling franchise for the PS3. This immersive open world adventure offers a powerful, emotional, and visceral take on being a super hero. Blamed for the destruction of Empire City, Cole must make a dramatic journey to discover his full super-powered potential.

inFAMOUS 2 Hero Edition includes exclusive limited edition 8.5" Cole MacGrath statue, Replica Cole MacGrath sling pack, Super voucher that gives access to in game content - including the Lightning Hook Power, Electrocution Grenade Power, Kessler Skin, and 24K Gold Amp weapon variant, Mini inFAMOUS #1 comic from DC Comics, and the Official inFAMOUS 2 soundtrack.

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