All Call of Duty: WWII Information From GameInformer - Campaign, Zombies And Multiplayer

GameInformer recently announced that Sledgehammer's Call of Duty: WWII is the cover story of their September 2017 issue. The digital copy of the issue is out now and it carries a lot of information about the Call of Duty: WWII's campaign, Zombies mode, and multiplayer. There is also an interesting comment from Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg on the future of Call of Duty series. When asked by GameInformer, whether there is any plan to put the annual titles behind for a continually updated game as a service model? To this Eric replied that Activision is very much aware of Pros and Cons of annual Call of Duty release cycles. The publisher is looking into making the experience better for both new and returning players, and there is a possibility of going for an update based model for the future Call of Duty release.

Call of Duty: WWII Information From GameInformer Magazine

"I think in many ways it already is a game as service, in many ways one of the first," he says. "You have the same community that comes around from year to year. It doesn't have that continuous world with expansions and accomplishments that carry over from game to game, but it does have a very stable community. We've tried to find the right solution for each franchise individually, and Call of Duty has really benefited from that annual innovation moment, that annual re-engagement moment. There's advantages and disadvantages to both. Sometimes it's harder to bring a new player in if they're, say, three years behind. I think there's more we can do to unify the players no matter where they're playing."

There is also an interesting detail related to Call of Duty: WWII multiplayer section. Each division in the multiplayer portion of Call of Duty: WWII has a progression system, and it works something like this - If you reach the highest level of each Division then you unlock (reward) a Unique Weapon. In addition to this, each Division in Call of Duty: WWII multiplayer has its own unique set of gear, and so just by a look you will be able to identify which player belongs to which Division.

Reddit user "howiexsavior" highlighted all the major Call of Duty: WWIII information from the September 2017 issue of GameInformer. You can read them below.

Call of Duty: WWII Information From GameInformer


  • COD WWII campaign is European theater in 44-45.
  • Your character: Private Ronald "Red" Daniels, 19 years old Texan fresh out of boot camp with glory and a lady at home
  • Mechanics focus on your squad. No health regen or free ammo, squad mates provide health and ammo packs.
  • New feature "Heroic Actions" which are events for players during the campaign. Ex. Dragging soldiers through fire, saving a pinned ally
  • Confirmed to play as US Army, British Special operations executive and French resistance fighters. Confirmed to play as female French resistance
  • Swastikas in the campaign only. Sledgehammer debated heavily on the inclusion in other modes but decided against it
  • some confirmed locations: Normandy, Operation Cobra, Train, Marigny, The Wolf's Den, Aachen (Germany), Hurtgen Forest, Hill 493


  • Zombies biggest challenge: matching pacing from the movies, they really like the idea of a slaughter house.
  • The characters you play as part of the Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives section (MFAA) looking for stolen art.
  • Puzzles, gun purchases, and gates remain the same
  • The story is set as Nazi's knew the war was almost over so they created the Zombie project as a way to fight back. However, the experiments saw that they could not be controlled
  • Zombies were created by man. The research has shown that they can be brought back to life by exploiting the nervous system. However, the zombies have to be assembled with bolts and metal
  • Won't be as simple as OG zombies. Different objectives will unlock new places to open
  • Based on real events.
  • Zombies in WWII has load outs and a function similar to the perks system. Four core classes to use: offense, control, support, and medic. Customization with casual players in mind.
  • Special abilities in zombies, sort of like the power-ups system. Unlimited ammo for a short time is one of the abilities.
  • Zombies combines wave based gameplay and location based encounters
  • Tesla weapons were the main objective, they sound like the new wonder weapons of WWII
  • Super zombies/mini bosses return in WWII
  • Easter egg is the hardest thing ever in Zombies!


  • Headquarters will be MASSIVE. Set three days after D-Day.
  • Headquarters allows you to open loot chests in front of other players, similar to Destiny
  • Proximity chat confirmed. Wide variety of targets in the firing range with different difficulties
  • Rewards for daily and weekly quests in headquarters that gives you mini-missions on locations or send you out to multiplayer matches. More activities = more loot
  • Cosmetic only.... for now. Weapons were not mentioned at all but we know that will change
  • The theater room allows you to watch streams and WWII tournaments in game, and you can check email and leaderboards in HQ
  • Dynamic events confirmed for WWII HQ. example: an aerial scramble that drives players to anti-air guns to fend off the base from enemy aircraft
  • All cosmetics are era themed. Legendary and epic skins confirmed
  • New loot item called Sweetheart Grips. This was a thing in WWII, soldiers would take and replace their pistol grips with a piece of plexiglass and use pictures of their significant others in the glass
  • Eric Hirshberg says that they understand the pros and cons of annual COD cycles. They are looking into making the experience better for new and returning players, an update based model COULD be an idea for future COD releases.
  • Divisions- class based, no perks, some classes have specific abilities. If you rank up the division enough, you can unlock a weapon in that division that you can use in all divisions like Battlefield.
  • Gun mods are still a thing, perks are GONE. Division Skill and Basic Training skill are "perks"
  • Hardpoint and Kill Confirmed confirmed to return

Source: Reddit

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