Destiny 2 Dev - Players Can Cap FPS via Config File, In-Game FPS Counter Support Confirmed

When Bungie announced that Destiny 2 PC version will not support third-party FPS and other monitoring software (like FRAPS and Others), many PC players were unhappy with it. The reason Bungie provided from this harsh decision was that they want to save Destiny 2 from possible malicious actions. Fast forward to today, Bungie updated their official blog with an interesting information about Destiny 2 PC port.

Destiny 2 PC - FPS Tweak Possible via Config File

Destiny 2 on PC will come with an in-game FPS counter, and it will be possible for players to make few tweaks to the game's config file to achieve their target FPS. When asked: Will Destiny 2 on PC include a frame rate target option? Bungie replied: "Yes, Destiny 2 on PC will include the ability to specify a frame rate upper-limit (via a config file)."

This new statement from Bungie brings an interesting doubt to my mind: we heard from the development team that Destiny 2 can run at 144FPS on PC. At that time it gave us a feeling that there will be an option for it in-game, but in-reality this is not going to be the case.

Anyways, an in-game FPS counter and an ability to adjust FPS via config file are still a good news. Destiny 2 is scheduled to launch on PC on October 24. The beta will go live later this month, on August 28 (you will get a chance to try out that in-game FPS counter and other things). Check out the Recommended and Minimum PC Specs for Destiny 2 beta.

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