Spencer To Share Xbox One X Pre-order Information On August 17, Admits Fans Are Frustrated [Updated]

The one question that Microsoft didn't answer at this year's E3 was when Xbox One X pre-orders is going to start? and the status remains the same till today. At the time it was revealed that the lack of FCC Certification is the main reason behind retailers (like Amazon) and Microsoft store not taking the pre-orders of Xbox One X. On July 24, 2017, Phil Spencer via Twitter revealed that Xbox One X has got all approvals it needed, and pre-orders information will be dropped very soon, "won't be too much longer", but nothing happened till today. So when exactly Xbox One X pre-orders is going to start?

Xbox One X Pre-order Announcement On Aug 17

Today, Phil Spencer was asked: whether they will make a big announcement of Xbox One X pre-order at Gamescom 2017? and to this, he replied: "We'll share more info on this tomorrow." This means we can finally get to hear something from Microsoft and Team Xbox related to the availability of Xbox One X pre-orders. Hold on to your seat guys as we will update this post as soon as we get to hear something from Microsoft.

Xbox's Mike Ybarra in a recent video interview admitted to the fact that there is a frustration among Xbox fans about Xbox One X pre-orders, but apart from apologize, he can't do much. "It's great to see the excitement from people. I know there's frustration about pre-orders, [and I] apologize for that. As Phil [Spencer] said on Twitter, he said soon and really that's all I can say about that".

Phil Spencer gave us a hint back in July 2017 that FCC and all other approvals for Xbox One X is in place now, so what is stopping Microsoft to start Xbox One X Pre-orders? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.


Gamescom 2017 is going to be the place where Team Xbox will announce Xbox One X pre-order details. Set the alarm, tune in exactly at 9 PM CEST / 12 PM PT on August 20.

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