Horizon Zero Dawn Patch 1.32 Size 309 MB, Adds Story Difficulty Which Makes Combat Less Challenging

Guerrilla Games has just released Patch 1.32 for Horizon: Zero Dawn. The update is just 309 MB in size but brings in an interesting addition to the game. Guerrilla Games officially calls it a "Story" Difficulty, which makes the combat of the game a little less challenging and is for the PlayStation fans who want to enjoy the story of Horizon Zero Dawn. In addition to this, Patch 1.32 for Horizon: Zero Dawn fixes a lot of technical issues, progression issues, and crashes.

Horizon Zero Dawn Patch 1.32 Changelog

The full patch note is posted below, Read at your OWN RISK as it contains some minor story spoilers. If you experience some issue with the game after installing Patch 1.32 then try reloading a recent manual save, quicksave or autosave from the "Load" menu option. If the issue is still not fixed then take screenshots of the area where it occurred and your location on the map, and email it to the development team.

Horizon Zero Dawn Patch 1.32 Changelog:

New Features

  • Added 'Story Mode' difficulty. An easier difficulty setting for people that mainly want to experience the story of Horizon Zero Dawn.

General Fixes

  • Fixed an issue for some players where human melee attackers could change their rotation and warp towards the player after jump attacking giving them an unfair advantage.
  • Fixed an issue in New Game+ where some players were not allowed to fast travel to Sunfall campfires with the Shadow Stalwart Adept armor equipped.
  • Fixed an issue where certain players were not able to abandon a job for a job created to buy items at a merchant.
  • Fixed an issue that some players encountered were some animation events would not work properly when the player has a lot of resources.
  • Fixed an issue in “Revenge of the Nora” where for some players the Nora would not help Aloy fight off the enemy during the 'Clear the Camps' objective.

Progression fixes

  • Fixed an issue in “The Point of the Spear” where some players were not able to continue the quest if they dropped their Tripcaster on NG+ before talking to Rost.
  • Fixed an issue in “The Sun Shall Fall” where some players were not able to get back to the palace to talk to Blameless Marad as the gates were closed.

Crash fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash for certain players if they switched difficulty while Aloy is dead with an Errand active.
  • Fixed an issue where for some players the game would crash if a player continuously makes 'Jobs' and then changes difficulty continuously.

Miscellaneous fixes

  • Minor text fixes.

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