PS3 Owners to Sue Sony over HDD issue caused by Firmware Update

Seems like soon Sony will be getting the taste of their own medicine, sometime ago the maker of Playstation 3 released a firmware update for the console to boost up the security feature, in order to keep hackers away from plaguing many popular online games such as "Black Ops". Sony to some extent got successful in keeping the hacker away, however the update also caused problem for many PS3 owners changing their HDD.


When the affected PS3 owners contacted Sony regarding the HDD issue, the platform holder asked them to pay for the repair. It has been more than two weeks now and Sony has not done anything about the issue.

Now a user aLLerGic_2_paIN has decided to sue Sony in this regard. Here is what aLLerGic_2_paIN said about this:

"Been in contact with a class action suit attorney throughout the week.", "He's been putting in time with researching the problem, called Sony as an customer with this issue to gauge their response, and has continued to relay his findings to me prior to filing.  Making sure we get our ducks in a row, he encouraged me to tell all of you to make some major noise on every forum and comment section of every ps3 news, review, and preview section of every game site you frequent."

He further added: "The more people we have ready when the paper work is filed and the more noise we make about the issue now, the faster Sony will get what they deserve when damages are due. Don't worry about if Sony post a fix soon. The 2 weeks of damage has already been done, and they have continued to profit from repair costs and new console sales by not issuing a public statement after the issues occurred or issuing a disclaimer prior to posting versions 1 or 2 of 3.56."

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