Battlefield 3 beta in October?

Battlefield 3 beta in October?, if details revealed by Electronic Arts support team on twitter is to believed that then the much awaited beta for Battlefield 3 will launch in October. The support team also revealed that all those gamers who bought Medal of Honor last fall will get access to beta.

Here is what the EA support team wrote on their official twitter account:

"The Beta of #BF3 will be expected in October."

Battlefield 3

However later on one of the DICE community manager denied the announcement of EA support team and said that

"Any info comes from EA/DICE through the proper official channels. Not through an EA_Support channel"

"To clarify: Any announcement on a #BF3 Beta will be made from our official channels. No ETA has been given for beta yet."

The details which are confirmed for Battlefield 3 are Fall 2011 release window and a dedicated server support.

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