Spencer Comments On Fortnite's Accidental Cross-Platform Play Between PS4 And Xbox One

Cross-platform play between a PlayStation and Xbox console has never happened - what if I tell you that a recently released co-op survival game Fortnite supported the Cross-Platform feature between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One? YES, this indeed happened a few days ago and we have a proof of it. Recently, Epic Games quietly updated Fortnite to support Cross-Platform feature between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but they denied it later on by sending a note to PRESS - It was a configuration issue. "We had a configuration issue and it has now been corrected." Epic Games spokesperson told The Verge.

Fortnite Cross-Platform Play

Was there a pressure from Sony on Epic Games to remove the feature? We can't ignore this argument completely because Phil Spencer's love for Cross-Platform play is known to each and everyone of us, and also we know what exactly is the Sony's stand on this same topic. Just a few months ago, Rocket League developer Psyonix put forward a proposal to add a cross-platform play in the game, both Nintendo and Microsoft gave their clearance for it, but Sony refused to give their go ahead. Psyonix tried to persuade Sony to change their mind but to no avail, they were disappointed with the move which was clearly visible in the statement they issued after Sony's refusal - cross-platform play on PlayStation 4 will be up and running in "less than an hour all over the world" if Sony removes its block.

This latest Cross-platform play glitch (GLITCH is what the word that Epic Games wants us to know it) in Fortnite makes one thing very clear - it is very easy for a video game developer to get Cross-Platform play feature up and running in their game.

This is what Phil Spencer said when a fan asked him about this recent goof-up (interesting Glitch). "I would have liked to see them leave it on."

Proof of Cross-Platform Play in Fortnite (as discovered by multiple users on Reddit):

"I was just playing Fortnite on my PlayStation 4 and ran into a group of teamers at the end of Battle Royale... surprise... and noticed I got killed by an odd Gamertag. zCypher Nine" (Twitch Video link provided below for proof).

That gamer tag is IMPOSSIBLE to create on PS4 because of space. On PSN you are only able to add underscores into Gamertags. So I typed it in with an underscore just figuring it was a glitch. Nope, no dice. I am lucky enough to own both a PS4 and XBOX 1. So I switch over to my XB1 and boom, instant results. I also searched his friend he was teaming with RatoDoGlobal... boom instant results."

Cross-Platform Play between PS4 and Xbox One Proof (Screenshots):

cross-platform-play-proof-image-1 cross-platform-play-proof-image-2 cross-platform-play-proof-image-3

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