Sony's Killzone 3 leaked onto torrent sites

First it was Crytek's Crysis 2 that boarded the piracy flight, and now the very same flight is boarded by Killzone 3. Still more than a week is left for the release of PS3 exclusive Killzone 3, but European version of the game is available for download all over the torrent sites.

Killzone 3

The game is available in two version on torrent site, first is complete game with 3D, its weight around 41.4 GB, and the second version is non 3D enabled which is only half the size. Both versions required hacked Playstation 3 to play.

The official release date for the game is February 22.

On all this Gamepur will advise you only one thing, we have waited patiently many a months for Killzone 3, and Guerrilla Games have been very supportive to all of us in these days. So instead of downloading the pirated copy of the game, lets wait for a week more and give Guerrilla Games the money, credit and praises they rightly deserve. SAY NO TO PIRACY...

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