Gearbox: Duke Nukem Forever will make use of Steamworks on PC

Duke Nukem Forever PC gamers here is an important piece of information for all of you, Gearbox has confirmed that gamers who want to play the game on PC will require a linked Steam Account. The decision to make use of Steamworks DRM System for Duke Nukem Forever was confirmed on Gearbox official forum.

Addressing the fans of the game, Gearbox community manager pointed out the advantages of making use of DRM system for the game saying “You’ll always be able to install a copy of the game even if you lose your disc.”

Duke Nukem Forever

The developer also confirmed that apart from this no other DRM system will be used, irrespective of where and how fans buy the game.

Duke Nukem Forever will launch on May 3 in United States, and on May 6 in other parts of world for PS3, PC and Xbox 360.

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