Gunstringer Control Mechanism detailed by Twisted Pixel

The control mechanism details for Kinect exclusive Gunstringer has been revealed by the developer Twisted Pixel. On the official Twisted Pixel blog, Gunstringer Designer, Dan Teasdale wrote:

“In layman’s terms: you get to pew pew enemies with your hands, Since we know how your entire arm from your hand to your shoulder is moving, we can accurately extrapolate what you’re aiming at with your hands, and place the reticle exactly where you’re pointing.”


“It also allows us to implement a real ‘fire’ command using your arm without it conflicting with the hand movements you need to mark targets to kill. Our fire action involves literally firing your six shooter as if you just felt recoil in your arm. Because we can look at the full arm instead of just a point, we can tell the difference between the player firing a gun and the player just moving the reticle upwards.”

Release date is yet to be announced. Meanwhile you can watch the official teaser trailer for the game below:

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