Patch to fix Gran Turismo 5 "Save File Destroying Bug" Goes Live

The latest patch update for Gran Turismo 5 is now available for download. The update will address numerous issues faced by the gamers and also fix numbers of bugs and glitches specially "Save File Destroying Bug". Size of the update is 301 MB.

The official confirmation regarding the patch being available for download was made by Kaz Yamauchi on Twitter.

GT 5

You can check out the change log for the update below:

  • TV camera when entering pits
  • Multi-monitor support
  • camber setting in the course creator
  • Restart race has a confirm menu
  • Power limiter on the tuning menu
  • Notification for already purchased cars in the dealership
  • Increased XP for races
  • Stick sensitivity option
  • Individual gear ratios
  • You can choose different tires for front and rear
  • Online dealership has more cars
  • New filters in the online lobbies (race fo real/fun/drift)
  • You can use course maker tracks online
  • Seasonal events with new created tracks
  • Weight adjustment (front/rear)
  • Remote Race icon below the lounge icon
  • new pre-gt life cutscenes
  • fuel depletion and tyre ware can be turned off in online more
  • Races can be scheduled to start at a specific time

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