CryEngine features in list of NGP compatible game engines

Last month Epic Games president, Mark Rein confirmed that Unreal Engine will be fully compatible with the Sony's Next Generation Console (NGP), and now handheld maker has announced via press release that Crytek's "CryEngine" suite will also be compatible with the upcoming handheld.

In a press release SCE gives out complete list of game engines and middleware that will be compatible with the upcoming handheld, which includes "Cryengine" from Crytek.


You can check out the complete list below:

Game Engines

  • Blitz Games -BlitzTech
  • Crytek – Cryengine
  • Epic Games – Unreal Engine
  • Terminal Reality – Infernal Engine
  • Trinigy – Trinigy
  • Vicious Cycle – Vicious Engine


  • Havok
  • NaturalMotion


  • Audiokinetic
  • CRI Middleware
  • Firelight Technologies
  • RAD Game Tools

User Interface

  • AiLive
  • Scaleform

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