Epic Games to reveal Unreal Engine 4 at GDC 2011? (Update)

Cliff Bleszinski has been known to create a huge hype whenever Epic Games has something big in store to reveal, and this is happening again. GDC is just around the corner and Bleszinski is claiming on twitter that this year Epic's booth will showcase what the "Next" generation in the gaming industry will be.

Cliff Bleszinski

On twitter Cliff wrotes: "To reiterate - our GDC booth will show Epic's proposal of what the *NEXT* generation will be. Graphics aren't good enough yet, dammit".

Cliff is claiming "graphics aren't good enough yet", what exactly the man is talking about, is it the next iteration of Unreal Engine i.e Unreal Engine 4?, may be who knows. We just have to wait and watch.

GDC will run from February 28-March 4, 2011.

UPDATE: Epic Games has officially announced that it will showcase Unreal Engine 4 at GDC.

Epic president Mike Capps said, “This technology demonstration is nothing short of breathtaking. It reminds me of when we first showed Unreal Engine 3 to the world and
people were amazed,”

“It’s like seeing the Unreal Engine all over again for the very first time.”

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