Survival Mode for Split/Second Details

Disney Interactive and Black Rock Studio has release a latest video of Split/Second which contradict many thinking that Split/Second is all about trashing and blowing opposition on track. Survival Mode of Split/Second is available in single player mode, split screen local 2-player mode and also online multiplayer.

This latest video show the Survival mode of the game : Split/Second - Survival Vignette

In Survival mode of the game, players will have to race on track against a ticking clock, seems easy but it is not as the track will be full of big trucks nad barrels which continously drop explosive, if gamers get successful in passing this big trucks they earn themself extra points and time for themself which eventually make the palyer with more point the winner.

The Split/Second is slated to be release on May 18 for console platform of Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 and for PC also.

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