Spider-Man PS4 Combat System's Philosophy And Experimentation Detailed

Spider-Man PS4 Combat Detailed

Creative director Bryan Intihar has provided, during a recent interview with Game Informer, more details about the combat system in the upcoming Spider-Man PlayStation 4 exclusive action adventure.

First, he discussed the philosophy behind the combat system, detailing that "we really want to get you off the ground and using your acrobatics, using your gadgets, using your webs, to feel more like Spider-Man. We didn't want it to just be a brawler — [Spider-Man] is so much more acrobatic and has that sense of fluidity and flow in combat. It's constantly going up and down, left and right. Using the environment to really deliver that idea of improvisation."

Spider-Man PS4 Combat Detailed

The basics of combat start with melee. You have your square button — keep hitting it in a nice rhythm and you're going to do some really cool attacks, but that's kind of the start. You use that to begin the rest of the abilities — whether it's [holding down the square button] and launching a guy up in the air and pressing it again to jump up with him, then pressing triangle to web strike down, or maybe holding web-strike to grab guys and throw them."

Experimentation is also going to be a huge part of the title, something we've already seen happen in Insomniac Games' previous open world game, the disappointingly underrated Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive.

"I was experimenting the other day with, what if I punch [an enemy] in the air, I start webbing him up, and then I pull him down. I noticed that […] if he has a bunch of webs on him and I slam him down, he's now stuck to the ground. Or, for example, you punch a guy near a scaffolding, and you can do the web shooters and stick him to the scaffolding. Then another guy comes by and you can pull the scaffolding onto them."

Spider-Man is releasing on September 7.

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