Suspicious PS4 Firmware 5.53-01 Released, Just 69.33MB In Size

A new, very small update is now available on PlayStation 4, although no word has been given about what it might include and offer in terms of bug fixing or implementation of new features.

Again, it's very small (perhaps the smallest operating system update ever?), weighing in at 69.33MB, and brings the firmware up to the version 5.53-01 just a few days after the main update, with several bug fixes, released.

PS4 Firmware 5.53-01 Changelog

You might recall that the usual size of the operating system updates usually begins from around 400MB up to several gigabytes when it comes to applying new features and functionalities to your specific PlayStation 4 model.

Considering the weird numbering and the size, it is possible that the patch comes in with the latest changes to the privacy settings for the European users, which lead to a specific page once you log into the PlayStation Network.

Interestingly, and differently from the previous modus operandi, Sony launched a mid-version update between 5.xx and 6.xx, with 5.50 introducing new stuff such as system supersampling on PS4 Pro, a refresh of the quick menu and notification system, and more.

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